12 Most Wanted Christmas Gifts for Kids


I asked my 10 year old daughter what she most wanted for her Christmas gifts, and of course – she’s a kid, so she knows what kids want!!! She gave me this lovely list of items that she is definately expecting to recieve at Christmas (She says she’s not expecting – just asking!)

Alice's Christmas List

So, without further ado, where to get the stuff and the cheapest price I could find.
I’m not going to faf around telling you what each item is, I’ll just give you a very quick description of each item.

Aquabeads Beginners Studio

This item comes with 840 beads in 12 different colours, a place to store the beads, a bead peeler, template sheets, a bead pen and a sprayer. I do have to say that these Aqua beads are quite fiddly but this set is better than just a pack of Aqua beads on their own.

Amazon, £8 (Free Delivery with Prime) $9.99 If you’re Stateside

Tesco, £9.75.

Aquabeads Jewel Beadpack

The Aquabeads Jewel Beadpack comes with over 100 beads of 8 different colours. It is a refill pack for an Aquabeads Starter pack.

Amazon, £4.99 (Free Delivery with Prime) $10.52 Stateside

Hobbycraft, £5 (£3.90 Delivery)

The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook

This is a Cookbook featuring the recipes behind Rosanna Pansino’s one of a kind creations. The treats in this book are simple and fun to make and don’t need any expensive tools to do them!

Amazon, £12.91 (Free Delivery with Prime) $12.68 Stateside

The Book Depository, £12.91. (Free Delivery)

Tanya Bakes Cookbook

Tanya Burr’s very first Cookbook. It contains cakes, bakes, puddings loaves and pastries.

A Great Read, £10.53. (Free Delivery)
Amazon, £11.99. (Free Delivery with Prime) $18.48 Stateside


Secrets For The Mad Dodie

This is billed as a book that helps you to find hope in dark times, she says “When I feel like I’m going mad, I write.” I’m a little reluctant to purchase this for her as he seems a little heavy but the reviews are amazing and she obviously feels like it’s something that will be good for her.

A Great Read, £7.70. (Free Delivery)

Amazon, £8.49. (Free Delivery with Prime) $11.50 Stateside


The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire

Again, another book by YouTubers!! Dan Howell and Phil Lester write about two awkward guys who share their lives on the internet. This was the only thing I knew would be on this list – she loves Dan and Phil!

The Book Depository, £7.37. (Free Delivery)

Amazon, £12.03. (Free Delivery with Prime) $11.29 Stateside


Onesie and Pyjamas

She loves her Christmas Onesie’s.

My favourite is this one from Sports Direct, £7.99. Actually – this is where I’ll be getting everyones Christmas Pyjamas!

Evee Evolutions Plushies

This is a soft toy version of an “Evee” Pokemon character.

Amazon, £12.73. (Free Delivery with Prime) $24.95 Stateside

Geekswag, £9.99+ £2.99 Delivery = £12.98

A Stand Mixer

This is a tough one because she really desperately wants a Kitchen Aid because they are the best and she does love to bake! I think I’ll have to go for a cheaper quality version though.

This Ice Blue Kitchen Aid is the one she wants but it is £449 from Amazon which is ever so slightly out of my price range!!! The next cheapest is from eCookshop at £494 – so lets look for a good alternative!





This one is the Stand mixer with the best reviews on Amazon which is under £100, I’ve heard good things about “Andrew James” so I think this is a good option.

Andrew James, £75.99. (Free Delivery)

Amazon, £84.97. (Free Delivery)


Gel Food Colours

Amazon, 27.92. (Free Delivery)

A Waffle Iron

Amazon, £17.95 (Free Delivery with Prime)
The Mail Shop, £24.99 + £4.95 Delivery = £29.94



Well , there’s an easy answer to that one – I don’t have any!!

Have fun shopping and I hope these ideas have been of help to you.





  1. Thanks for this great post, full of positive energy.
    I really like the part where you asked your daughter about Christmas presents for kids.
    The hand written note makes it real and engaging.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi Cobus and thanks for your comments, It was useful because I ordered her own presents as I wrote this post so I got to do some multitasking! Not something I manage to do very much!

  2. Shopping for Christmas gifts for kids can be overwhelming especially for family members without children of their own, so many products on the market today to choose from no wonder people become anxious xmas shopping for kids in the family.

    Interesting list you received, I use to have my children make a list of gifts they would like as well it is very helpful especially once they become teenagers.


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