Looking for cheap Hatchimals For Christmas?


I’m looking for cheap Hatchimals!!! It’s driving me a bit nuts already, my 10 year old is talking about Hatchimals this and hatchimals that, and it really is making me a tiny bit crazy! They are very popular at the moment and seem to be taking the world by storm somewhat.

As far as I can gather from a very informed 10 year old who thinks I should already know everything there is to know about every toy possible, (!) A Hatchimal is a mysterious egg that hatches on its own into an interactive toy – and it takes a lot of work and you’ve got to give it some love.

Apparently the more the kids rub and listen to the creature inside it responds with lights, sounds and tapping back until it’s time to hatch.

Once it hatches, you’re child can nurture their Hatchimal through three stages of life – baby, toddler and kid.

Each time you’re Hatchimal enters a new stage it will sing Hatchy Birthday.

They can teach it to walk, talk, dance and play. It will even repeat what you say in its own voice.


Different types of Hatchimals

1. “Proper Hatchimals” I’m sure there’s a more official name for these, but I’m writing for those mums and dads out there who are as clueless as I am and need a simple explanation. These are you’re straight up, original Hatchimals – and as far as I can see cost upwards from £50.

2. “Twinsies” These are labeled as Playsets or Surprise Playsets and can vary in price from about £50 to over £150!! They are basically a set of twin Hatchimals, make sure you check carefully that they are in fact twins in the box if that is what has been specifically asked for.

3. “Colleggtibles” These are a collectible set of over 70 different toy Hatchimal figures. When you rub the egg in you’re hands and it gets warm, it shows you a signal that it’s ready to hatch. These are much cheaper but are not actually toys to play with like the other Hatchimals, they’re more like a collectible plastic playset.

4. “Games and Merchandise” If you’re looking for a present for a Hatchimal fan but you don’t know what they have or what they want, you could go for some kind of Hatchimal Related gift. There are various accessories, key rings, plushies and games to choose from.


Proper Hatchimals

The kids really love these although they’re quite annoying for adults, a bit like furbys. They love watching them peck their way out of the egg and they become a loved companion. This is 1 full size Hatchimal inside a full size egg.

Penguala Green multicoloured.

Amazon, 56.99.
Baby Fun Shop, £65.54.



Hatchimals Draggles Purple Egg


Amazon, £59.22 + £8.99 Delivery. Total £68.21

Alsa, £70.90 + £17.99 Delivery. Total £88.89


Hatchimals Glittering Garden – Sparkly Pengualas Egg


Toys R Us, £49.98.

Amazon, £49.98.

Gameseek, £56.75.




These are a much improved version from the original Hatchimal, quite a few people have had both versions and prefer these. Yes, they have 2 twins inside and they speak Hatchimal to each other, be warned don’t open them until you’re ready for the hatching process, which takes about 20 minutes.

Hatchimals 6037097 Surprise Playset

Amazon, £54.95. (Free Delivery)

Cheap Tots Toys, £132.18. (+£3.95 Delivery) Total £136.13



Hatchimals 6037096 Surprise Playset





Amazon, £54.95. (Free Delivery)

Cheap Tots Toys, £137.40 (+£3.95 Delivery)


Brand New Hatchimals Surprise Giraven – Assortment Christmas Gift

Tesco Direct, £59.00 (+£3.00 UK Delivery) Total £62.00

Toys R Us, £64.99 (Free Delivery)

Smyths Toys, £64.99 (Free Delivery)


These are made to hold in you’re hand as you rub their heart and when it changes colour – you know it’s ready to hatch. You should gently crack the egg to discover you’re colleggtible inside. You can keep the base of the egg as a nest for you’re new Hatchimal. You can tell which family you’re Hatchimal belongs to by the colour of the egg. I think these are perfect to be honest – the price is worth the fun from them and you still have the surprise factor of not knowing which you will get, they can also be collected so make a good long term gift collection to add to.


Hatchimals Colleggtibles 4 pack + Bonus Character

Amazon, £9.99. (Free Delivery for Amazon prime)

Jadlam Racing Models, £12.49. (Free Delivery)

Toysrus. (£2.95 Delivery or FREE Click and Collect)


Hatchimals 6034164 “Colleggtibles with Nest” Playset (Pack of 2)

Amazon, £4.99. (Free Delivery for Amazon prime)

Toys R Us, £4.99. (£2.95 Delivery or FREE Click and Collect)


Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Polar Paradise – 6 Pack SPECIAL EDITION

Argos, £12.99. (£3.95 Delivery or FREE Click and Collect)

Amazon, £22.47. (Free Delivery)

Games and Merchandise

Hatchimals 6037073 “Colleggtibles Hatchery Nursery” Accessory

There are 35 places to display you’re Hatchimal Collectibles in this Nursery. This set comes with 1 exclusive Hatchimal Colleggtible. If you place you’re unhatched Colleggtible inside the “Hatching Tree” it will pop out the top with a cracked shell – ready for you to hatch! There is a variety of Playthings inside the Nursery, such as a swing, a crib and a shower.

Amazon, £29.99. (Free Delivery)

Smyths Toys, £29.99. (Free Delivery)


Hatchimals Colleggtibles 12 One Dozen Egg Carton

A different way to carry and display you’re Hatchimal Colleggtibles. A Plastic egg box with a sparkling glitter tray full of nests. Also, contains 10 eggs with figures inside and an extra 2 figures without eggs.

Amazon, £31.75 (+£5.99 Delivery) Total £37.74.


Hatchimals Egg Soft Plush Clip-on – Mystery Character

Break the egg to see inside – Each egg contains a clip-on Hatchimal Plushy. It is approx 11cm x 9cm. There are 14 Different Hatchimal Plushies to collect.

The Works, £5.00 (+£2.99 Delivery) Total £7.99.

Amazon, £8.99. (Free Delivery with Amazon Prime)


Have fun shopping for your Hatchimals and good luck! Feel free to drop me a comment if there’s anything specific you’d like me to look for.










  1. I have never heard of hatchimals. I had to google it lol. After reading your article, I leanred what they are. I think they are so cute. They would make great present or holiday gift. I know my nephew loves toys. I am considering buying this for him, I think he is going to love it. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Hi Hong, Thanks for stopping by … personally I don’t see the attraction but my daughter is OBSESSED!! When I first started to look for her Christmas Presents I got so confused with the different types and what they did!! I’m sure your nephew would love a Hatchimal as a gift!


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