Gorilla Gym Indoor Swing Review


I have stumbled across this piece of “play” equipment named a Gorilla Gym, I think it is absolute genius! I’ll explain why in my detailed review below but to cut a long story short it’s an indoor swing, that can be changed about for use as many things. My kids love playing outdoors but the weather is so changeable here in the UK, that sometimes It’s not possible! I’m not just talking about the cold – we’re not babies – we’re British, we can deal with the cold. It’s never being able to plan anything because you have no idea what the weather will be like – It may suddenly start raining or even snowing!

Add to that the fact that we don’t have a car and live in a, to be honest, pretty dodgy neighborhood – not that there’s anything wrong with that necessarily, but my 10 year old wouldn’t be able to go out and play on her own like I did when I was a kid. There’s no screw holes or drilling which is great. It works so well because the walls are supporting the weight. So here’s the advert I saw which first drew my attention to it. So the advert is pretty bad but it drew my attention and I had to look into it – In my opinion the product sells itself!


Great for active kids.

It is durable and sturdy and can support up to 300Ilbs in weight. It comes with a swing, which is actually comfortable and doesn’t’t cut into your thighs! (There are ladies out there who know what I’m talking about!) It also comes with a ladder, a trapeze and some rings. These are all amazing for kids to practice tricks and gymnastics. The swing is definitely the most popular attachment and the reason I was interested in the first place. It has been tested and certified to ASTM International Standards for Home Equipment.

All in all I think it’s a superb way to encourage your children to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, even when they can’t get outside. It’s also great fun to have with a little one, but obviously that needs adult supervision! I have to say too, that although we purchased it for the kids, myself and my husband both love it! (Disclaimer – we do both have ADHD but who doesn’t love swinging on a swing!!) Also, an hour on a swing can burn up to 200 Calories – that’s more than you’d burn in an hour of Jogging or Bike Riding!

Fantastic for Adult Exercise.

The Gorilla Gym supports multiple attachments including Air Straps which use your own body weight to exercise your body and can also be used for non impact cardio training. You can also get a “Yoga Swing” which helps you to gently stretch and exercise your muscles without the need for yoga mats. You can hang upside down and meditate if you really want to!

The Gorilla Gym is really great because we struggle from lack of time and knowledge when it comes to exercising at home – but the main reason we don’t do it, is that it’s just plain boring! Not with the Gorilla Gym! Seriously, you just use your own body weight and play around and it really forces you to engage your whole body, you feel like you’ve just been having fun being a kid but you’ve had a great workout in the process

Tips and Advice

  • Follow the instructions when putting this together! I know everyone says this but it is simple to put together and also simple to put together wrong!
  • If it makes a creaking noise when you use it – it is not put together properly, go back through the instructions again.

Negative Points

  • It doesn’t work very well on inside to outside doors, I think something about the way they are built doesn’t support the Gorilla Gym, so it has to fit onto an inside door – this means it could get in the way!
  • The price, obviously this is more pricey than your average kids toy – but a similar price top an outdoor swing set, so not too bad if you look at it that way.
  • It is not possible to close the door while the Gorilla Gym is set up, however, once you get used to it – it is quite simple to take down and put back up again. Personally, we have it on a door frame that doesn’t need to be closed at all so the frame can just stay in place permanently.
  • Some attachments “feel” like they would work better on a higher doorway than the average one.

Different options available.

The Gorilla Gym Kids Deluxe comes complete with wing, rings, ladder, rope and trapeze.

Amazon, £179.95


The Gorilla Gym Swing package.

Amazon, £119.95.

The Complete Fitness Package comes with Pull Up Extender, Air Straps, DVD and Ab Straps.

Amazon, £179.95.

The Ultimate Fitness Package Includes Airstraps and Airspeed 11-11 Training Program DVD
Amazon, £149.95

Aerial Yoga Swing and Frame

Amazon, £159.95


Stand Alone Attachments

Each of the following items will need a Core Unit to be able to be used.

Indoor Swing

Amazon, £39.95.

Ab Straps and DVD

Amazon, £79.95


Yoga Swing

Amazon, £99.95.

Fight Station

Amazon, £39.95.







  1. This looks like a great idea! Will work for me and the kids so that will make it a better bargain. On a budget, you have to justify how to spend so it is always a bonus when you can use it in more ways than one.
    Do you know if you purchase the complete fitness package if you can just purchase the swing as an add-on?

    • Hi Christina,
      I know exactly what you mean! It’s such a lot of money but when you think about swing sets and indoor play centres it starts to make sense – and that’s without the fitness benefits! In answer to your question, you absolutely can buy any of the attachments to go with the basic package! I’m pretty sure there is a link for the swing further down my page. Have fun!


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